Venturi Partners

Scope of work

Business deck design
Collateral Design


Venturi Partners is an investment firm started by Nicholas Cator and Frederic de Mevius, that works with entrepreneurs / brands in their growth stage in FMCG, e-commerce and education to help them build their vision through strategic and operational advice and potential financial investment.


Taking cues from the company’s founder’s love for sailing and fact that the company’s name has been derived from the ‘Venturi Effect’ – which is the acceleration of the wind that happens between mountains, we proposed a nautical inspired branding and visual language.
Nautical maps with details from Singapore coast where the company is based are layered with textured hues of blue. Iconography and details using sea navigation and sailing details are used across the business deck and website to highlight the mission of the company: Help start-ups to catch strong winds to grow and navigate the business world.

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