Scope Of Work

Digital Brand Strategy


Website Design & Development 



Taannaz, renowned for bespoke hardware and architectural bronze works, has evolved from a local brass hinge maker to a global leader in luxury design. Partnering with world-famous interior designers, the brand epitomizes artisanal excellence and innovation, securing its prime status in the  the architectural world.



In our quest to redefine Taannaz’s brand identity, we aimed to elevate its digital presence from a mere manufacturer to a distinguished fine home jeweler. This transformation was realized through our website’s redesign, which now mirrors Taannaz’s artisanal excellence. We employed large, immersive images on our product pages, not just for aesthetics but to allow users to virtually experience the luxury and craftsmanship of our products.

This approach has effectively repositioned Taannaz, setting it apart in the luxury home hardware market and enhancing user engagement with the brand’s unique craftsmanship.


User Interface