Seeds of Change Accelerator

scope of work



The Seeds of Change Accelerator is an initiative by Mars Inc. to fast track growth for early stage food businesses in US and Australia that are building healthier and more sustainable food products and services. Twelve start-ups are handpicked yearly to be part of the program in Chicago / Sydney.


Seeds of Change asked us to help them make new logo unit for their accelerator program and a website outlining the purpose and application. To do this we needed to reinvigorate the magic that made them so impactful in the first place. Keeping in mind the brand elements of seeds of change i.e their flag, green colour and mandala the unit for accelerator logo. The website is a simple vertical scroll outlining the mission, program and the team of the accelerator program. The experience is through the sectional scroll which provides a clear understanding about each subject to the viewer. The earthy and organic backgrounds support the core values of the brand.

The visual language of the seeds of change is taken forward here. The natural & organic background is used across the experience. The vibrant green is organic in a contemporary hue.