SAP ACE Awards

Scope of work

User Experience Design

Event Curation & Management

Communication & Environmental Design


Award Statue Design

Multimedia Content


ACE was one of the most respected events on the social calendar of India’s Digerati. And it was entering its 10th year.


Our task: to transform this venerable gathering with a fresh, contemporary new statement. We chose to craft an end-to-end experience that flowed seamlessly.


From the invite to the cab ride to the venue., coming to a grand climax at the award ceremony, before distributing  socially. The theme of Human/Digital Connection was explored through a powerful unifying motif  – Dots. In stillness and in movement, dots became the base for a multi-sensory experience.  A key highlight: a unique, quadriphonic jazz performance with the band in each corner of the hall. The trophy too was 3D printed, underlining for an industry audience the sheer power of New Manufacturing.


The result: as a viewer, you never felt yourself in front of a stage, but dead centre, in a completely immersive experience that  filled the entire evening with sound, light imagery and sensations.

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