Museum On Prime Ministers

Scope of Work

Creative proposal for MOPM Branding , Digital Platform and Communication tender Branding Communication Website & App UX-UI


The Government of India is developing the Museum on Prime Ministers of India in the premises of Teen Murti Bhawan, New Delhi. A contemporary Museum Building Complex has been envisioned that will be a premiere institution focusing on collecting, documenting, researching, and disseminating information about the lives and contributions of the Prime Ministers of India. The prime objective of the Museum is to provide the visitors a better understanding of, and create curiosity amongst them about, the different individuals who have occupied the office of Prime Minister, their individual personalities and contributions as Prime Ministers, as well about the institution of the Prime Minister


The museum is a place where people, Prime Ministers and modern technology meet. A place where India’s post-Independence history is explored through the eyes of its Prime Ministers and their stories, decisions, and contributions. This past is tied to the future through the use of modern media (the likes of AR, VR, Hologram technology), which everyone gets to experience in the present. Through this amalgamation, India’s past, present and future are put on display for visitors from all over the country and the world to witness, understand and indirectly participate in. The museum thus works as a time-space connector, a bridge, and a catalyst for people to project themselves. We have built our branding around four pillars: Experiential, Educational, Accessible & Inspirational






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