Mars Launchpad


Launchpad is Mars’ global digital innovation lab that transforms the way they market, launch and sell. They source inventive ideas from their associates, build solutions with emerging tech, and incubate new ventures & business models.

Scope of Work

Brand Visual Language
Website Design


We decided to design the platform around two goals. First, build awareness around the program within Mars: What the program does, the impact of the lab within the group and finally how it works and how to get involved.

Second, the platform aims to become an inspiring database of knowledge for all collaborators, giving them access to numerous case studies from pilots that Launchpad has run over the past years. Similarly, the platform is a gateway to the vast ecosystem of startups identified and tested by the Launchpad team through a SRM API.

From a visual perspective, we have positioned Launchpad as an innovative, future-driven program within a large CPG group using a slick dark themed UI highlighted by bright blue graphics.

Visual Language

User Interface