Stressed-out urbanites long for a ‘dream home’ – A home that allows them to nurture a hobby, plant a tree, pluck the fresh fruit and hear the birds sing… A home in the heart of tranquil nature, with the comfort of a smart-city space and world-class amenities. L’Hermitage situated in Awas, Alibaug, is one such dream home – A cluster of 7-8 super luxe villas designed for nature lovers and lifestyle enthusiasts. With an ideal combination of picture-perfect surroundings and stylish plush interiors, these villas are designed to immerse you in unparalleled luxury situated amid lush green nature.


The key objective was to give a strong identity and create a visual language for this luxurious property. The identity had to align with its brand values being nature lovers, lifestyle enthusiast and lush greenery.


The logo is created in the crest which symbolises magnanimity. The elements are inspired from the lush green and the sea of Alibaug.

The linear elements are inspired from the sea of Alibaug, the deep forest in and around the luxurious villas and the boho chic decor.

Brochure Design

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