Khosla Jani


Back in the 80’s, two fashion designers, Sandeep Khosla and Abu Jani joined forces to represent those who wanted to look unapologetically glamorous and sexy. In recent times, international icons like Beyonce, Gwen Stefani or Keisha to name a few have chosen to adhere to the glamour quotient set for them by the two designers.
They wanted to create a new fashion label for collection suited for the international market.

strategy & solution

The solution was to translate in this new label what represent this another milestone in their ever lasting fashion designer duo.


An interaction with the designers gave them an opportunity to reflect upon how Khosla Jani would represent another milestone in their journey. After a series of discussions, we were finally able to put a finger on the notion that is  Khosla Jani:


Khosla Jani creations are a beautiful reflection on the balance that exists between these contrastingly genius designers, who are no longer bound by time.


Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla are on an endless journey to produce something remarkable and unique with each creation and a  powerful force brings them together to create magnificent balance which we witness in their work.
These notions have been translated into the individual identity of the label and in the digital experience.


By placing the K and J thus, we were able to highlight a contrast and union of two geniuses on an endless journey to produce something remarkable and unique with each creation.

When perceived from any angle, the logo stands its ground, which hints at the force that brings them together to create a magnificent balance which we witness in their work.

Besides, we gathered from positive criticism that the final logo bears a vague resemblance to a diamond, which drives the glamour quotient home to the beholder.


We have designed a digital experience for the audience to dive into the Khosla Jani universe, indefinitely.

Each garment is presented in a fullscreen editorial shot carousel while the overlay product page can appear/ disappear at a simple click, so that you can effortlessly resume your Khosla Jani experience.
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