Ikai Asai


Ikai Asai rests on the vision of inspiring you to create – of building an integral space for artists, craftsmen, and designers to express and experiment in collaboration and evolve a global creative language. With India as its privileged vantage point, the brand’s range of soulful handmade tableware connects the legacy of craft, its maker and you.


Our objective was to deliver a list of collaterals for Ikai Asai’s official launch at international home decor trade show Maison Objet Paris 2020. The design for each collateral was based on Ikai Asai’s four collections a.k.a ‘Moods’. These moods — Deva, Kama, Lila, and Junoon — are emotions inspired by and express different aspects of how Indianness is experienced.


The approach involved creating an immersive experience where we show interconnected SPACES for our audience to discover Indian and human complexity and use them as tools to express a certain creativity. These Spaces are broken down into four categories namely Inspiration, Making, Dialog, and Hosting. Each space is connected to the next, creating a complete sequence. The audience is part of every step.

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