Healthy Planet School

Scope Of Work

Brand Strategy

Visual Identity

Communication Design 


Healthy Planet School is nested within Nehru World School (Ghaziabad) and draws inspiration from Maria Montessori, Howard Gardner, John Dewey, and the Reggio Emilia approach. The school’s aim is to empower children as global citizens by fostering a love for learning and promoting community and collaboration for the betterment of the planet.


We delved into the school’s philosophy and diverse offerings, conducting interviews with various community members (students, parents, teachers) to capture their unique perspectives, emotions, and needs.

Taking into account the need for an inclusive ecosystem which would:

  • Enable communication between all participants in the school community.
  • Provide a system which could adapt as per the touchpoint – digital communication, cobranding, offerings per age group, signage, etc.
  • Provide the building blocks for a playful identify which enables participation for various groups of this community, making them co-creators of this space.