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Estella is a fine-dining restaurant situated on the iconic sandy Juhu beach in Bombay. With state of the art interiors designed by Sameep Padora, you just cannot miss the outer beach deck and panoramic view of the Arabian sea We wanted to present Estella as a fresh interpretation of beachside restaurants through a high-end yet fun branding.


Just as a compass and the north star (Stella Polaris) have guided sailors from port to port, we created a design system based around the four coordinates of a compass, using a shade of gold, to bring out the radiance of a star (or, Estella).

The website, too, aesthetically presents the components of a journey on the sea. We utilised a mix of photography and rich imagery to allow the audience to hear the waves, feel the sea breeze and savour the flavours of Silver Beach Entertainment and Hospitality’s latest offering.