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Brand Development
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ChamGaia is a luxury eco-lodge located on the west coast of Mauritius. The experience was thoughtfully designed to fuse sophisticated hospitality and eco-consciousness in the lush natural surroundings of Chamarel.


When we were asked to create the branding for ChamGaia, we knew that it would have to be personal and reflective of the location. Taking inspiration from the local flora and fauna, we created a visual identity that combines an elegant font and Mauritius’ iconic bird – Paille-en-Queue (Straw tail) while selecting a warm and earthy color palette.

We then applied this visual language to the UI design mixing illustrations of local flowers and small reptiles from the garden with beautiful pictures of the lodge and its surroundings. We also included a mini-guide of nearby places to see, handpicked restaurants and local specialties for guests to try out on their stay.

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