The 20th anniversary celebrations of Bhavishyavani Future Soundz showcased a range of electro music, encompassing not only the last 20 years of BHA but also glimpsing into the 20 years to come.

20 Years of Bhavishyavani Future Soundz is a celebration of India’s first mixed media electronic arts collective. Since 1999, they’ve pioneered music and design trends that have inspired two generations of electronic music artists and designers. The gig featured a (local) roster spanning the past twenty years, with typically genre agnostic sets featuring electro and jungle, techno and drum & bass.

Along with the iconic Bhavishyavani robots that inspired the name, the venue was littered with art from the past as well as the future. Seasoned fans eagerly recognized the dancing automates; an old favorite of the Bhavishyavani crew. The artwork on display had been created just for this celebration: each piece is in the style of the individual artist (all of whom have worked with the Bha crew over the past two decades), re-interpreting the classic BHA logo. The crew have worked tirelessly to curate an experience that not only walks you through the last 20 years but gave you glimpses into what the next 20 years have in store.

Designers who have been a part of the Bhavishyavavni Future Soundz journey since 1999 (either as part of their design off-shoot Grandmother India or as collaborators on their flyers, or simply being inspired by their shows and visual aesthetic) give their unique treatment to the different BHA letterforms.


Each letterform was created by EkType in various Indian scripts and the treatment of letter is inspired by the music, design and printing techniques that India’s most cutting-edge collective has employed since 1999. 

A selection of posters were handpicked from an expansive 20-year archive collection to serve as inspiration for the individual letterforms.

A mixture of archival inspiration and letterforms were brought together to create the final poster. 

Final Poster

Custom-made BHA merchandise