Bha Co is a dynamic group of creative

consultants and project incubators working in areas like design, marketing, branding, web, digital media and all the intangible, as yet unnamed frontiers between/beyond them.

Our job is communication. We specialize in taking ideas at any stage of their development and translating them into the real world and across platforms. Whether you arrive with a complete business plan or a one-line brief, the core of our work is to help you articulate your idea by assembling the necessary tools to make it a coherent, powerful reality. Communication is about more than branding and marketing, visuals and words. Communication is about the whole network of connections and strategies and, of course, people that holds everything together.


With our tightly woven, ever-expanding network of collaborators, we converge and reshape ourselves for each new task, playing our strengths to the unique needs of each project. Every new permutation is an opportunity for discovery. Bha Future Co is not so much a company as a lab where new ideas come to life. We love a good chemical reaction with the following ingredients:


Graphic design, sound design, event design, interface design, strategy design – Everything we do at Bha Future Co comes down to the same, basic precept: When artistic creativity meets the scientific process, you get design. Explore ideas. Refine prototypes. Identify a solution. Develop strategies to make that language meaningful. 

Design is a process. The result, at its best, is art.


We live in an increasingly collaborative, post-analog world where media lives according to its adaptability. As both consultants and creators, we at Bha Co can create, explain and put into action all the tools and services you need to convey your message creatively and effectively in our hyper-dense, hyper-saturated, hyper-connected world.


At Bha Co, we don’t just build concepts, we also realize them. We know from years of experience that ideas translate most clearly into the real world when they’re dreamt up and articulated by the same team. Our work is not just generating ideas, it’s also generating content. Music, interviews, articles, animation, design–our team has the breadth of knowledge and flexibility to do it all.


To create for you we also create for ourselves, working out our wildest ideas and indulging our maddest instincts to keep our minds limber. Our lab is developing our own independent projects, the stuff that keeps us creative and inspired from day day. This is how we stay in touch and how we build our world. Sometimes creativity works best within constraints, sometimes with total freedom, but never in a vacuum.


Bha Who?

Since 1999, the Bhavishyavani Crew has been at the vanguard of Bombay’s music and design scenes. Creating an underground scene in a city with no underground took ingenuity and a dash of recklessness. Designing the city’s best underground events and developing its first underground audiences was our first and most powerful communication project. We haven’t stopped since.

With a much expanded network, and well over a decade of experience, Bha Co is a new avatar for the ethos of experimentation that has driven us from day one. Led by Cyril-Vincent Michaud, Mathieu Josso and Tejas Mangeshkar, Bha remains a boutique firm in an increasingly corporate world. All these years later we still set the tempo, never follow it. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Bha co Directors have been leading communication solution on various medium for established brands, to name few: Moet-Hennessy, Usha International, Interglobe, Hinduja healthcare, Asian Paint, Satyame Jayate TV Show (digital only), Indigo Airline (Music for W&K TVC), Goodearth (Digital Only), Pinakin Patel, Sakshi Gallery, Hospitality brands like BlueFrog, Olive, Taj Group restaurants,.. , Sony Music, Indian Design Forum,…
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