Bha Co is a vessel for ideas of all sizes. Whether someone brings a one-line brief, or a complete business plan onboard, our dynamic creative agency is adept at mapping out new routes to take them into the real world, with added impact.

The worlds we explore make up every element of the brand universe–strategy, development, digitalisation, communication and experiences. But it’s the way in which we explore things that allows us to tap into the unnamed frontiers between and beyond them too.

Courtesy our two-decade long journey as vanguards of India’s art and design subcultures, we’ve earned a reputation for straddling the line between championing creative sensibilities, while maintaining the focus on our partner’s business objectives. All while building out an unique ecosystem of creative people and opportunities.

Based in Bombay and now Barcelona, Bha Co has grown a compelling slate of work over the past 15 years, creating innovative design solutions for both the world’s most recognizable brands in Asia and Europe, as well as entrepreneurs working towards realizing their own dreams. With a focus on lifestyle, technology, and consumer goods (CPG) some of these include Moet-Hennesy, Mars Inc. Tata, Eicher Group, Diageo, OYO, SAP, and UIPath.